How does the walkaround inspection work for Auting Connect?


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How does the walkaround inspection work for Auting Connect?

When getting the car, you follow 3 steps:

1) The exterior car inventory: You will need to take 8 pictures of the car (from all sides) so we all know what state the car was in before the trip.
Once the car inventory is checked, you can unlock the car with your smartphone.

2) The interior car inventory: Once the car is unlocked, take a moment to check the interior state and the cleanliness. Declare any damage you see.

3) Take the keys in the glove box. All good, you can start your trip!

When giving the car back:
- In case of incident during the trip: Declare the incident to the owner. It can be settled amicably with the owner, or you can decide to be helped by Auting Customer Service. If you don’t report an incident you are responsible of a penalty can be applied.

- Exterior Photos: You have to take 8 photos of different angles of the car to attest its state and the end of your trip. If the owner or renter after declares a damage, these photos will be there to protect you. Therefore, they must be in good quality and legible. If you have damaged the car, you will need to report it from the app. If you did damage the car and didn't report it, we will charge an additional fee. In case of deliberately unusable photos, your liability may be incurred as to the damage caused.

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